Goat Run Lawu


Welcome to our last and the final race to define the final ranking of 2018!

Mount Lawu, or Gunung Lawu, is a massive compound stratovolcano straddling the border between East Java and Central Java, Indonesia. This mountain has a varied path with well known favorite path among hikers are Cemoro Kandang, Cemoro Sewu dan Candi Cetho. Our last series at Mt. Lawu will take you to experience all of the 3 main course, bringing you the beauty of Javanese most sacred mountain.  No mountain in Indonesia is considered as mystical as Mount Lawu, for this reason, runners or climbers are supposed to whisper to the mountain and ask its permission whenever they need something – say, to relieve themselves, for example. Swearing or cursing is strictly forbidden.

According to Javanese legend, the mountain is the final resting place of the last king of the Majapahit Empire, Prabu Brawijaya V – although his body has never been found.

Many mountaineers climb this mountain to adore the green scenic view, with lovely Edelweiss flowers on its top, and the challenging beauty of the dead crater, southward of the peak, locally known as Kawah Kuning (yellow crater). The highest peak is hilly plain, known as Argo Dumilah, where a "Tri-angular Pole" is erected, a must “selfie” spot for runners.

All Goat Run participants will also be awarded a natural panorama and will traverse some tourist attractions such as waterfalls, tea gardens, temples, savanna and other fields. On clear sunny days, you can enjoy the surrounding view of central Java famous mountain such as Merapi, Merbabu and East Java mountains such as Arjuno, Welirang and Semeru.

The entire race activity will concentrated at Tawangmangu, race pack collection and briefing will located at Tawangmangu, as it has plenty of accommodation which is probably worth to spend your race week in Tawangmangu. If you decide to spend the weeks at more crowed area, is only about an hour’s bus ride from the city of Solo or Karanganyar. A little further east is the little town of Sarangan which has a lake and has been a popular retreat at weekends since Dutch colonial days. In clear weather, Gunung Lawu can be seen from the lake.

The race will begin at Cemoro Kandang (1,930 meters) and end at Kali Soro (1.300 meters), which is famous as one of the weekend destination in Karanganyar regency which is located about 48km from downtown Surakarta. Basecamp Cemoro Cage lies about 1.900mdpl and continues uphill to a height of 3.265mpdl.

The trails will start with a “flatter” section, followed by a roughly paved with stones the whole way up, with cut steps and handrails in places.

For longer category, get ready to experience various terrain from temple, waterfall, forrest and tea plantation before finishing at Kalisoro.

Please note that the race start and finish will be on different location, please read in details on access and accommodation section.

Goat Run Lawu 2018

Start : 05:00, 21 Oktober 2018

Location :

Start: Cemoro Kandang, Tawangmangu, Karanganyar, Central Java

Finish: Camp Ground Sekipan, Kalisoro, Karanganyar, Central Java


Early Bird

Normal Fee

Cut Off Time

Record To Beat

Short: 25K

IDR 400.000

IDR 500.000

10 hours

Long: 40K

IDR 600.000

IDR 750.000

14 hours

Early Bird open until 31 July 2018

Register here 

Registration Closed by 21 September 2018 at 24.00


Runner Entitlements (Race Pack):

  • The Goat Run Running Jersey
  • Drawstring bag
  • BIB Number Belt
  • Running Bandana

The Goat Run Running Jersey

sizemen sizewomen

There is NO size changes allowed after registration closed


Rules of entry:

Please read our rules and regulation section

Mandatory gear (will be inspected during race pack collection, and there will be random check on the race course, failed to follow this procedure runner will not entitled as finisher medal):

  • Running vest, backpack or any other equipment to store list of items.
  • Foul weather gear for protection from the elements (as a minimum water proof rain coat)
  • Water hydration or bottle containing at least 1.0 liters
  • Emergency gear (first aid kit, rescue blanket, whistle)
  • Headlamp with spare batteries

Recommended item:

  • Trail running shoes with a tread that is suitable for running in mountain terrain
  • Warm clothing (long-sleeved shirt and running pants) (in case of bad weather conditions which may set in suddenly in high mountain territory)
  • Course Map book with outline and detail maps, and altitude profile of the whole course
  • Mobile phone with Medical Crew Number saved in its address book to be able to make emergency calls

Beneficial's item:

  • Most significant equipment is Trekking Poles and Gaiter.
  • Gloves and a warm hat
  • Also recommended: GPS device, sun screen, fatty cream against chafing

Race Pack Collection

Date:  Saturday, 20 October 2018.

Time: 12:00 – 20:00

Venue: Camp Ground Sekipan, Kalisoro, Karanganyar, Central Java

Google Map:


  • Show Your BIB Number confirmation
  • Present your ID card or passport.
  • Print, fill out and sign a waiver form (link to form)
  • Present your medical statement from your doctor using our form (link to form )
  • Present your mandatory gear as listed on above information.

The race pack MUST be collected by the registered runner. Collection on behalf of someone else is not allowed.

If you are unable to race, another person can pick up your race pack on your behalf. However, the race pack will be handed out WITHOUT the bib number and timing chip. A copy of the runner’s ID and confirmation email are REQUIRED as a reference of authorization.


  • Winner male and female for 40km will received an entry to our first seris of 2019. *Only a bypass ticket to participate in the race with no entry fee. Any other costs related to entering the race are not included.
  • Trophies will be awarded to winner male and female in all categories
  • Goat Run Finisher’s Tee will be awarded to finishers who finished below the “Beat The Clock” time. Time to beat will be announced during race briefing and before race start.
  • A Finisher’s Medal will be awarded to all finishers of all distances who finished within the cut off time only
  • Goat Run Point Series for the first 40 finishers

Bags and Luggage Storage:

The only available date and time to check-in the bags are on Race Day, 21st October  2018 from 04:00 until 04:30 before race start. Bags that are checked-in after 04.30 will not be accepted.

Please do not put any valuable items in the bags, as we cannot guarantee security.

After race day, runner will be able to pick up the bags on Sunday, 21st October 2018 from 12:00 – 20:00 at the race venue.

Health Notice

Runner should be in a good health and engage regularly in running activities prior to competition. Trail running is conducted on multi-terrain so it is important for runners to be experienced at running off-road. Furthermore, self-sufficiency is an important factor; runners need to be able to carry out basic first aid treatment in case of medical emergency. Any personal medications must be self-prepared and brought along at all time.

Runners suffering from the following conditions will not be allowed to participate.

  • Congenital or rheumatic heart disease
  • Hypertension or cerebrovascular disease
  • Myocarditis and other heart disease
  • Coronary artery disease and serious arrhythmia
  • Diabetes
  • Any other diseases which can be aggravated by running

Non-Runner Info:

There will be plenty to keep you occupied (or relaxed if that’s what you’re after!) at Tawangmangu whilst your energetic friends and family members do their thing around the trails.

  • Your friend and families definitely should enjoy relaxing at waterfall.
  • Family camping ground with a range of short and long walking tracks that start and finish within the area that are open to the general public to enjoy whilst the runners are doing their thing.
  • Traditional market at Tawangmangu to take you back in old times.
  • Otherwise, hang out at the the finish line is and give everyone a well-deserved cheer as they come through at the end.

Supported by:

  • Government of Karanganyar Regency
  • DISPARPORA Karanganyar Regency
  • AGL Lawu Basecamp Community


Access & Accommodation

RACE CENTRAL at Camp Ground Sekipan, Kalisoro, Karanganyar, Central Java

Camping Ground Sekipan Pak Madin +62 813-5321-5948
Villa 2 Budi Luhur 0822-48823263
Villa Kartika Sari 0857-28904504
Griya Gayatri 0271-696006
Wisma Bukit Sekipan 0271-696036
Villa GG 1 0813-15482733
Pondok Kartika Sari 0815-67850503






20 October

12.00 – 20.00

Race Pack Collection at Camping Ground Sekipan, Kalisoro, Karanganyar, Central Java


18.30 – 19.00

Race Briefing at Camping Ground Sekipan, Kalisoro, Karanganyar, Central Java

  19:00 – 20:00 Carbo Loading with BUPATI Karanganyar
21 October 03:30 – 04:30 All Participants going to Start Line at Cemoro Kandang (We provide shuttle bus from Race Central, Camp Ground Sekipan to Start Line, Cemoro Kandang) please be on time.


04.00 – 04.30

Drop Bag Open


04.30 – 05.00

Race Opening and Speech by BUPATI Karanganyar



25K & 40K Category Start

  14.00 Winner Ceremony
  15.00 COT 25K Category



COT 40K Category


Free Shuttle Bus to Start Area (Cemoro Kandang)

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-19 at 06.07.01

1.    Camping Ground Sekipan (+6287874374143)
2.    Bunderan Kalisoro (+6287874901717)


Course Map

Lawu 25K (UPDATE: Download GPX.zip)

 25k-t 25k

Lawu 40K (UPDATE: Download GPX.zip)

40k 40k-t 


Race Result Goat Run Lawu 2018

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