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Welcome to our 2nd series in 2018.

We bring you Gunung Slamet with its pristine beautiful course that will challenge your strength and endurance with 2 race courses, short and long distance. Both race course will take you to the highest location in central Java and the 2nd highest in Java, it is also one of the best places to see both the north and south coasts of Java. Slamet is one of Java’s active volcanoes and there is almost always lots of gas around at the crater giving you real volcanic experience. 

The race start and finish will take place at the popular weekend retreat town of Guci where there is plenty of accommodation and hot springs, located approximately 40km from Tegal city. The race starts at Guci which situated 1200 meter above sea level and goes up to 3400 meters above sea level. Shorter race course will take the same route going back to Guci while longer race course will circle around the crater and entering Sawangan trailhead before head back to Guci.

Both race course offering running across dense tropical forest, steep and rocky climb to the summit and going through some local farmer plantation with its stunning view of the entire valley. On its clear sunny day, you will be running with Mount Ceremei on your background.


Goat Run Slamet 2018, 1st edition.

Start: 06.00, 8 July 2018

Race Central Location: Start and Finish Around Basecamp GUPALA EDELWEIS, Guci, Tegal, Central Java.



Early Bird

Normal Fee

Cut Off Time

Record To Beat

Short: 20K

IDR 400.000

IDR 500.000

9 hours

Long: 35K

IDR 600.000

IDR 750.000

12 hours

Early Bird open until 15 April 2018 (EARLY BIRD HAS ENDED)

Register here 

Registration Closed by 31 May 2018



Runner Entitlements (Race Kit):

  • The Goat Run Running Jersey
  • Drawstring bag
  • BIB Number Belt
  • Running Bandana


The Goat Run Running Jersey

There is NO size changes allowed after registration closed

sizemen sizewomen

Rules of entry:

Please read our rules and regulation section



Mandatory gear (will be inspected during race pack collection, and there will be random check on the race course, failed to follow this procedure runner will not entitled as finisher medal):

  • Running vest, backpack or any other equipment to store list of items.
  • Foul weather gear for protection from the elements (as a minimum water proof rain coat)
  • Water hydration or bottle containing at least 1.0 liters
  • Emergency gear (first aid kit, rescue blanket, whistle)
  • Headlamp with spare batteries


Recommended item:

  • Trail running shoes with a tread that is suitable for running in mountain terrain
  • Warm clothing (long-sleeved shirt and running pants) (in case of bad weather conditions which may set in suddenly in high mountain territory)
  • Course Map book with outline and detail maps, and altitude profile of the whole course
  • Mobile phone with Medical Crew Number saved in its address book to be able to make emergency calls


Beneficial's item:

  • Most significant equipment is Trekking Poles and Gaiter.
  • Gloves and a warm hat
  • Also recommended: GPS device, sun screen, fatty cream against chafing


Race Kit Collection

Date:      Saturday,7 July 2018

Time:      14:00 – 20:00

Venue:   Around Basecamp GUPALA EDELWEIS, Guci, Tegal, Central Java.

Google Map:



The race kit MUST be collected by the registered runner. Collection on behalf of someone else is not allowed.

If you are unable to race, another person can pick up your race kit on your behalf. However, the race kit will be handed out WITHOUT the bib number and timing chip. A copy of the runner’s ID and confirmation email are REQUIRED as a reference of authorization.



  • Winner male and female for 35km will received an entry to Goat Run Lawu Race Series in October 2018. *Only a bypass ticket to participate in the race with no entry fee. Any other costs related to entering the race are not included.
  • Trophies will be awarded to winner male and female in all categories
  • Goat Run Finisher’s Tee will be awarded to finishers who finished below the “Beat The Clock” time. Time to beat will be announced during race briefing and before race start.
  • A Finisher’s Medal will be awarded to all finishers of all distances who finished within the cut off time only
  • Goat Run Point Series for the first 40 finisher for Open Category


Bags and Luggage Storage:

The only available date and time to check-in the bags are on Race Day, 8th July 2018 from 05:00 until 05:30 before race start. Bags that are checked-in after 05.30 will not be accepted.

Please do not put any valuable items in the bags, as we cannot guarantee security.

After race day, runner will be able to pick up the bags on Sunday, 8th July 2018 from 11:00 – 19:00 at the race venue.


Health Notice

Runner should be in a good health and engage regularly in running activities prior to competition. Trail running is conducted on multi-terrain so it is important for runners to be experienced at running off-road. Furthermore, self-sufficiency is an important factor; runners need to be able to carry out basic first aid treatment in case of medical emergency. Any personal medications must be self-prepared and brought along at all time.


Runners suffering from the following conditions will not be allowed to participate.

  • Congenital or rheumatic heart disease
  • Hypertension or cerebrovascular disease
  • Myocarditis and other heart disease
  • Coronary artery disease and serious arrhythmia
  • Diabetes
  • Any other diseases which can be aggravated by running


Non-Runner Info:

There will be plenty to keep you occupied (or relaxed if that’s what you’re after!) at Guci whilst your energetic friends and family members do their thing around the trails.

  • Your friend and families definitely should enjoy relaxing at the hot spring. There are many hot spring located at the area.
  • There are a range of short and long walking tracks that start and finish within the area that are open to the general public to enjoy whilst the runners are doing their thing.
  • Otherwise, hang out at the Event Expo where the finish line is and give everyone a well-deserved cheer as they come through at the end.


Supported by:

  • Government of Tegal Regency
  • DISPARPORA Tegal Regency
  • GUPALA Slamet Basecamp Community
  • BOSAPALA Slamet Basecamp Community






14.00 – 20.00

Race Pack Collection at Race Central Around Basecamp GUPALA EDELWEIS, Guci, Tegal


15.00 – 16.00

Trail Running Movies: Trail in Motion


18.30 – 19.00

Race Briefing


05.00 – 05.30

Drop Bag Open


05.30 – 06.00

Race Opening and Speech by Tegal Regency



20K & 35K Category Start



1st runner 20K category finish (estimated)



1st runner 35K category finish (estimated)



Winner Ceremony (estimated)



20K category Cut Off Time (8 hours 9 hours)



35K category Cut Off Time (12 hours)

Register here 

Course Map










slamet 35k

slamet 35k topo


UPDATE Download GPX 20K.zip

UPDATE Download GPX 35K.zip


Course Marking

Course will be marked with distance marking every 20-30 meters, directional signs, and Orange flagging tape to indicate the way. At night, glow-in-the-dark reflector be attached into the flagging tape along the race route. There will also be a ‘cross’ (x) and black yellow ribbon sign on the route to indicate which route is the wrong way. Should you get lost or find yourself off the course, please track back to the last marker seen.

For safety reasons, all participants are strongly advised to study the course map in detail beforehand, and

Please note that all signage and markings will be installed prior to the race. Though the route is checked before race day, there is still the possibility of these signage and markings being defaced or removed by vandals. These are also subjected to wear out and tear due to inclement weather, etc.

Register here 











Race Central Around Basecamp GUPALA BASECAMP, Guci, Tegal

Distance to venue: 1km
Price: IDR 500.000 / room
Fasility: Heat Water, Swimming pool
Info booking: 0853-3517-5758

Villa House / Home Stay / Guest House
1. Vila Rahayu

Distance to venue: 200 m
Price: Call
3 room
2 house (3 room)
Booking: 082323297866 (Abdul)

2.Vila Boolang
Distance to venue: 200 m
Price: 3.500.000/House
1 house 5 rooms
Booking: 081902432382

3. Vila Bukit Indah
Distance to venue: 250m
Price: Call
Availability: 8 rooms
Booking: 0823 2772 2700

4. Vila Gunung Slamet
Distance to venue: 250m
Small room IDR  100.000
Big room IDR  200.000
House IDR  450.000
8 Small rooms
2 Big rooms
2 House (2 rooms)
Booking: 0831 1362 5580 (Ari)

5. Vila Keluarga
Distance to venue: 200m
Price: IDR 800.000
1 House (4 rooms)
Booking: 0819 1154 5499 (Asep)

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