Slamet Mandatory Gear

Mandatory item for Catogory 50K:
(Very Recommended for Category 20K)

  • Running vest, backpack or any other equipment to store list of items.
  • Foul weather gear for protection from the elements (as a minimum water proof rain coat)
  • Water hydration or bottle containing at least 1.0 liters
  • Emergency gear (first aid kit, rescue blanket, whistle)
  • Headlamp with spare batteries
  • Trail running shoes with a tread that is suitable for running in mountain terrain
  • Warm clothing (long-sleeved shirt and running pants) (in case of bad weather conditions which may set in suddenly in high mountain territory)
  • Rain Coat / Jacket
  • Course Map book with outline and detail maps, and altitude profile of the whole course
  • Mobile phone with Medical Crew Number saved in its address book to be able to make emergency calls

Beneficial’s item:

  1. Most significant equipment is Trekking Poles and Gaiter.
  2. Gloves and a warm hat
  3. Also recommended: GPS device, sun screen, fatty  cream against chafing

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