Welcome to Goat Run Ultra Season 1 : Lunar Series

Welcome to the new concept of Goat Run Ultra, in this fourth year of Goat Run Trail Running Race Series we introduce you to the ultra category. In this first season of ultra we named Lunar Series, which there are episode of salak, lawu episode, and slamet episode. You will face the first challenge the ultra salak episode, and the other ultra category in the next episode.

Each episode has been specifically selected because of the scenery, the challenge, the history and the atmosphere that they offer to both the runners and to the public. Steep and technical will be main highlight of the race course. This will be the love and hate relationship that each runner has during our races.

Grand Prize

Each runner that running the race will earned Goat Run point series and will be accumulated towards their series championship totals and the cumulative results at the end of the season will determine the final series points. Series champions are crowned as The Mountain Goat and will represent Indonesia to compete in highly competitive trail race in the region and the world.

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